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    Assistive Animal: 
    Service animals are animals trained to assist people with disabilities in the activities of daily living. Students with service animals are encouraged, but not required, to register their animal with Disability Services. Service animals without license or certification should visit with Disability Services.

    Head Injury/Traumatic Brain Injury: i.e. temporary or permanent neurocognitive symptoms of a concussion, illness, traumatic event or other head injury, also siezure disorder

    Learning Disability: i.e. dyslexia, auditory or visual processing disorder, math learning disorder, autism spectrum disorder, etc.

    Physical Disability: i.e. temporary or permanent mobility impairment, visual impairment, autoimmune or other chronic illness, etc.

    Psychological Disability: i.e. anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, post-traumatic stress, etc.

    Unsure/Other: i.e. working diagnosis, not previously evaluated or diagnosed, etc. - Please provide detailed questions in the text box above so that we can answer as fully as possible.